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Biocybernetics is the application of cybernetics to the biological science, comprised of biological disciplines that benefit from the application of cybernetics: neurology, multicellular systems and others. Biocybernetics plays a major role in systems biology, seeking to integrate different levels of information to understand how biological systems function.

Biocybernetics as an abstract science is a part of theoretical biology, and based upon the principles of systemics.

Terminology Edit

Biocybernetics is a cojoined word from bio (Greek: life) and cybernetics. It is sometimes written together or with a blank or written fully as biological cybernetics, whilst the same rules apply. Most write it together though, as Google statistics show. The same applies to neuro cybernetics which should also be looked up as neurological, when doing extensive research.

Same or familiar fields Edit

As those discplines are dealing on theoretical/abstract foundations and are in accordance with the popularity of computers. Thusly papers and research is in greater numbers going on under different names: e.g. molecular cybernetics -> molecular computational systems OR molecular systems theory OR molecular systemics OR molecular information/informational systems

Please heed this when you engage in an extensive search for information to assure access to a broad range of papers.

Categories Edit

  • bio cybernetics - the study of an entire living organism
  • neuro cybernetics - cybernetics dealing with neurological models. (psychocybernetics was the title of a self-help book, and is not a scientific discipline)
  • molecular cybernetics - cybernetics dealing with molecular systems (e.g. molecular biology cybernetics)
  • cellular cybernetics - cybernetics dealing with cellular systems (e.g. information technology/cell phones,.. or biological cells)
  • evolutionary cybernetics - study of the evolution of informational systems (See also evolutionary programming, evolutionary algorithm)
  • any distinct informational system within the realm of biology

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