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Bibb Latané (born July 19, 1937) is a United States social psychologist. He is probably most famous for his work in bystander intervention in emergencies with John Darley, but has also published many articles on social attraction in animals, social loafing in groups, and the spread of social influence in populations.

Latané received his B.A. from Yale in 1958, and his Ph.D. with Stanley Schachter from the University of Michigan in 1963. He taught at Columbia University, the Ohio State University, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In the 1980s, he was director of UNC's Institute for Research in Social Science (now the Odum Institute). He is currently director of his own Center for Human Science[1] in Chapel Hill, NC.

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  • Latane, B. (1981) The psychology of social impact, American Psychologist 36: 343-56.
  • Latane, B. and Darley, J.M. (1968) Group inhibition of bystander intervention in emergencies, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 10: 215-21.
  • Latane, B. and Harkins, S.G. (1976) Crossmodality matches suggest anticipated stage fright, a multiplicature power function of audience size and status, Perception and Psychophysics 20: 482-8.
  • Latane, B. and Rodin,J.(1969) A lady in distress: inhibiting effects of friends and strangers on bystander intervention, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 5: 189-202.
  • Latane, B., Williams, K. and Harkins, S. (1979) Many hands make light work: the causes and consequences of social loafing, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 37: 822-32.

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