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[[Category:Psychological schools]]
[[Category:Psychological schools]]
[[de:Berliner Schule (Psychologie)]]
:de:Berliner Schule (Psychologie)
[[it:Scuola di Berlino]]
:it:Scuola di Berlino
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The Berlin School of experimental psychology was headed by Carl Stumpf (a pupil of Franz Brentano and Rudolf Hermann Lotze), who became professor at the University of Berlin where he founded the Berlin laboratory of experimental psychology (in 1893).

Among his pupils were Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka, Wolfgang Köhler and Kurt Lewin.

Only after Köhler took over the direction of the psychology institute in 1922 the Berlin School effectively became a school for Gestalt Psychology.

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de:Berliner Schule (Psychologie)
it:Scuola di Berlino

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