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Behavioral optometry (also known as "functional optometry") is an expanded area of optometric practice that uses a holistic approach in the treatment of vision and vision information processing problems.[1] The practice of behavioral optometry incorporates various vision therapy methods and has been characterized as a complementary alternative medicine practice.[2]

Behavioral optometry has its origins in orthoptics.[3] A.M. Skeffington was an American optometrist known to some as "the father of behavioral optometry".[4] Skeffington has been credited as co-founding the Optometric Extension Program with E.B. Alexander in 1928.[4][5]

Part of behavioral vision care is concerned with impact of visual skills on performing visual tasks. Various behaviors and poor performance during visual tasks may suggest non-optimal visual skills. For example this could manifest as eyestrain symptoms experienced during visual tasks, or adopting poor posture (eg leaning in too close to visual material). Another example, could be difficulty understanding maps, difficulty recalling visual information, difficulty completing jigsaws and difficulty drawing/copying/interpreting visual information.


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