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Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 33 (2010)Edit

Volume 32 (2009)Edit

  • Del Giudice, M. (2009). Sex, attachment, and the development of reproductive strategies (Plus commentary). Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 32, 1-67. Full text

Volume 31 (2008)Edit

Volume 30 (2007)Edit

  • Tooby, J. & Cosmides, L. (2007). Evolutionary psychology, ecological rationality, and the unification of the behavioral sciences. Comment on A framework for the unification of the behavioral sciences by Gintis. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 30, 42-43. Ful text

Volume 29 (2006)Edit

  • Striedter, G.F. (2006). Précis of Principles of Brain Evolution. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 29, 1-12. Full text

Volume 28 (2005)Edit

  • Pothos, E.M. (2005). The rules versus similarity distinction. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 28, 1-14. Full text
  • Henrich, J., et. al. (2005). "Economic Man" in cross-cultural perspective: Behavioral experiments in 15 small-scale societies. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 28, 795–855. Full text

Volume 27 (2004)Edit

  • Ketelaar, T. (2004) Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh God!: How the ancient problem of predator detection lies beneath the modern link between religion and horror. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 27, 740-741. Full text

Volume 26 (2003)Edit

  • Reingold, E. M. (2003). Eye movement control in reading: Models and predictions. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 26, 500- 501. Full text

Volume 25 (2002)Edit

Volume 24 (2001)Edit

  • Hull, D. L., Langman, R. & Glenn, S. S. (2001). General account of selection: Biology, immunology, and behavior (Plus commentary). Behavioral & Brain Sciences, 24, 511-528. Full text
  • Henrich, J. (2001). Challenges for everyone: real people, deception, one-shot games, social learning, and computers. Commentary on Hertwig and Ortmann. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 24, pp? Draft

Volume 23 (2000)Edit

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