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Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 176 (2007)Edit

  • Wood S. C., Fay J., Sage J. R., & Anagnostaras, S. G. (2007). Cocaine and pavlovian fear conditioning; dose-effect analysis. Behavioral Brain Research, 176, 244-250. Full text

Volume 92 (1998)Edit

  • Anagnostaras S. G., Maren S., DeCola J. P., Lane N. I., Gale G. D., Schlinger B. A., & Fanselow M. S. (1998). Testicular hormones do not regulate sexually-dimorphic Pavlovian fear conditioning or perforant-path long-term potentiation in adult male rats. Behavioural Brain Research, 92, 1-9. Full text

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