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The Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) . A 21-item questionnaire with the following cut-off points: 0–7 = normal, 8–15 = mild to moderate, 16–25 = moderate to severe and 26–63 = severe.

Development, Reliability, and Validity

The scale was developed using a variety of samples totaling 1,086 psychiatric outpatients. Internal Consistency: Internal consistency reliability. Cronback coefficient alpha's ranged from .94 to .92.

Validity The BAI's content corresponds closely to the diagnostic criteria and symptoms described in the DSM-III for the diagnosis of anxiety disorder, particularily panic and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Reliability scores ranged from r=.85 to r=.93. Concurrent Validity The correlations of the BAI with other self-report rating scales used was largely significant at the p<.05 level and above.

The manual describes a variety of other dimensions and indicate good reliability and validity for this measure of anxiety.


(Beck, Epstein, Brown and Steer, 1988)

Studies using this instrument

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