Beating the Bluesis a computerised CBT-based package for people with mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

The package comprises of a 15 minute introductory video and eight one hour interactive computer sessions, usually organised weekly. The package also includes homework projects that are completed between sessions and weekly progress reports are made available to the GP or other healthcare professional at the end of each session.

The progress reports include anxiety and depression ratings and suicidal tendencies.

The programme is available on CD ROM or online and is published by Ultrasis plc .

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In their submission to NICE the manufacturer of BTSteps submitted an economic analysis in which they assumed the programme would cost £200 per person (the price charged by the manufacturer for a minimum of 30 users) and that ten hours of therapist time would be provided to the TCBT group at £69 per hour.

As an outcome measure the model used incremental changes in scores on the Y-BOCS from baseline. Cost effectiveness was presented as cost per unit improvement on the Y-BOCS. A ‘net-benefit’ approach was used to present cost-effectiveness acceptability curves based on a range of hypothetical values that society would place on a unit improvement on the Y-BOCS. Valuing a one-unit improvement in the Y-BOCS score at £50 was associated with a 50% chance of BTSteps being cost effective over relaxation. No comprable analysis of TCBT versus CBT was presented-----

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