Termination is when:-

• No clear cut ending, but no need to continue beyond usefulness.

• Awareness by the counselor and the client that the work is accomplished.

• Counselors may take the same number of sessions in termination as in rapport building. Termination must be Mutually agreeable and Planned

• If terminated prematurely by client, the counselor should:

– Make possible referrals

– Offer assistance if and when needed

– Remind the client that it was their choice

Types of Termination

  1. Suggested termination, with client agreement
  2. Imposed termination

• Continuing is against client best interest

• Client is deteriorating, not progressing

• Incompatibility with the therapist

• Client using therapy in place of life

  1. Situational termination

• Client moves

• Employment or insurance changes

  1. Early termination, clients just don’t return.

Therapist must carefully consider the most effective way to terminate each client.

  1. How will termination impact the client?
  2. What is the client’s history of separation? Is the client likely to regress?
  3. What are the client’s reaction / opinion about termination? Can he / she see it as a positive step?

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