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A BDI agent is a particular type of rational software agent, extended with some mental attitudes : Beliefs, Desires and Intentions (BDI).

The BDI agent's model derives from the BDI logic. The model has some philosophical basis in the Belief-Desire-Intention theory of human practical reasoning, expounded by Bratman.

BDI agents goals Edit

  • Situatedness
  • Planning
  • Temporal constraints
  • Goal directed
  • Reactivity
  • Potentiality

Belief Edit

The beliefs represent the informational state of the agent. An agent can store this information using a database, a set of variables or some other data structure. Examples of belief might be information about other partner agents (position, size, color, etc...).

Desire Edit

Desires (or goals) represent the motivational state of the agent. The desires represent the objectives that the agent aims to accomplish or, more generally, the priorities associated with them. Examples of desire might be: find the best price, carry me home, notify mom

Intention Edit

The intentions represent the deliberative state of the agent, what the agent intends to do.

BDI Agent Implementations Edit

  • PRS
  • IRMA (not implemented but can be considered as PRS with non-reconsideration)
  • UM-PRS
  • dMARS
  • JAM
  • JACK
  • Jadex
  • Jason
  • Adaptive Enterprise - Commercial environment for graphically building agents with Eclipse, UML, and J2EE
  • 3APL

BDI agents architectures Edit

File:Bdi architecture.gif

See also Edit

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