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Arthur Samuel Reber (b1940- ) is an American cognitive psychologist and lexicographer.


He was born in Philedelphia.


He studied for his BA at the University of Pennsylvania and went onto [[Brown University for his P.hD.


He has taught at the University of British Columbia and was more recently Broeklundian Professor of Psychology at Brooklyn College.


He developed a line of early research into unconscious processes using so-called "artificial grammar" methodology. That research revealed that individuals exposed to novel words created by complex sets of artificial, synthetic "grammatical" rules (e.g., GKHAH, KHABT...), quickly develop some sort of a "feel" for that grammar and subsequent working knowledge of that grammar, as demonstrated by their ability to differentiate between, new grammatically "correct" (i.e., consistent with the rules) and "incorrect" (inconsistent) words. Interestingly, that ability does not appear to be mediated, or even accompanied by the declarative knowledge of the rules (i.e., individuals' ability to articulate how they distinguish between the correct and incorrect words).

Along with his daughter he wrote a Dictionary of Psychology.."[1]



  • Implicit Learning
  • Tacit Knowledge
  • The New Gamblerd Bible
  • Toward a Psychology of Reading


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