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Arne Öhman is Professor of Psychology at the Dept. of Clinical Neuroscience Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Biographical informationEdit

Born April 20, 1949.



Main areas of interestEdit

Funded grantsEdit


SPR AWARD, 2001 For distinguished contributions to psychophysiology

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Book ChaptersEdit


  • Ohman, A, (1986) Face the beast, and fear the face: Animal and social fears as prototypes for evolutionary analysis of emotion, Psychophysiology, 23, 123-45.
  • Ohman, A. (2002) Automaticity and the amygdala: non-conscious responses to emotional

faces, Current Directions in Psychological Science. 11(2), 62-6.

Further readingEdit

  • Levenson,R.W. (2003) SPR AWARD, 2001 For distinguished contributions to psychophysiology: Arne Öhman. Psychophysiology.Vol 40,3, 317

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