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Brain: Area postrema
Rhomboid fossa. (Area postrema labeled at bottom center.)
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The Area postrema is a part of the brain. The lower end of the ala cinerea is crossed by a narrow translucent ridge, the funiculus separans, and between this funiculus and the clava, is a small tongue-shaped area, the area postrema.

The Area postrema, one of the circumventricular organs, detects toxins in the blood and acts as a vomit inducing center(Carpenter, 1990) . It connects to the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract and other autonomic control centres in the brainstem controllling blood pressure and heart rate (Ferguson and Marcus, 1988; Chan and Sawchenko, 1994), food and water intake (Edwards and Ritter, 1981), conditioned taste aversion (Gallo et al., 1988), and the secretion of neuroendocrine hormones (Iovino et al., 1988).

It lacks a blood-brain barrier and this also facilitates its regulation of the autonomic functions,


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