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[[Category:Aptitude measures]]
[[Category:Aptitude measures]]
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Aptitude measures are tests designed to measure aptitude the capacity to acquire skills or to perform tasks in the future. Ability tests are tests designed to evaluate already existing mental or physical abilites.

Interpretation of these tests are usually related to specific age or group norms and they can be used to predict future academic or occupational success. Examples include intelligence tests

Aptitudes are generally tested in the form of an Aptitude Battery which tests a large number of aptitudes at one time with a series of small tests for each aptitude. Aptitude batteries may lean more toward innate aptitudes or more toward learned skills. Aptitude batteries that lean toward aptitudes are often useful in selecting a career. The leading researchers and purveyors of aptitude tests are:

List of general aptitude measure

Language aptitude tests

Social and communication abilities

Nonverbal ability

Physical abilities

Other abilities

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