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File:Antoine Marfan by Henry Bataille.jpg

Antoine Bernard-Jean Marfan (June 23, 1858 – 1942) was a French pediatrician. He was born in Castelnaudary (département Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon) to Antoine Prosper Marfan and Adélaïde Thuries. He began his medical studies in Toulouse, where he stayed for two years before moving to Paris. He graduated in 1886, his education having been interrupted by a period of military service. In 1914 he became Professor of Infantile Hygiene in the pediatric clinic of the University of Paris

In 1896, Marfan described a hereditary disorder of connective tissue which became known as Marfan syndrome.

Further eponymous medical conditions named after Antoine Marfan include:

Marfan also had interests in the pediatric aspects of tuberculosis, nutrition and diphtheria.

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