Dr Anthony Clare (b. 24 December 1943) is well known in the UK and Ireland for presenting programmes about psychiatry on BBC TV and Radio. Author of several popular books on psychiatry, he has held the positions of Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin and Medical Director of St Patrick's Hospital, where he is now a Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist.

In the 1980s and 1990s he was the best known psychiatrist in Britain but since his return to Ireland his prominent position in the public mind is being replaced by Raj Persaud[1][2].

TV ProgrammesEdit

  • QED

Radio ProgrammesEdit

  • In the Psychiatrist's Chair
  • Father Figures


  • Clare, A. (19)Depression and How to Survive It (Co-written with Spike Milligan)
  • Clare, A. (19)On Men
  • Clare, A. (1980)Psychiatry in Dissent: Controversial Issues in Thought and Practice
Psychiatry in Dissent, London: Tavistock.

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