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The concept of compartive biology entails the ideal of animal biology. There are several factors underlying the idea of animal biology; one being the provacative assertion that animals do not have cognitive function. Several scientists within the field of animal biology have constructed several experiments that would directly contradict the afore assertion. For example: the bee. The bee is an insect which locates a flower, circumnavigates the flower, sequesters the product of the flower, flie back to the hive, and makes the rest of the bees aware of what the individual bee realizes will apease their natural desires. When reflecting upon that process, one might realize that the bee showed several signs of cognition. Two being: the bee realized the bees wanted something where the orignal bee was, and the bee remembered where the flower was when directing the hive back to the flower. several other circumstances underlie this concept, all of which, i am sure, will be added within the coming days.

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