I have had the intention to build an android for many years. I have done some work on design at a high level, fabrication of two versions of the skeletal system from the waist down (I figured starting at the bottom would be easier), some high level design of the software, bought some electronic parts and got a brief start on building the servo interfaces. But I have not had enough time to make any serious progress.

In the meantime, computers have advanced making my aspirations more reasonable and others have done work in robotics that no doubt would be useful to me.

I am writing this in the interest of finding people who might be able to help me find technology that will be useful to my project, or people who might like to collaborate with me on my android project, or people who can give me useful advice and instruction, or people who are curious about me and/or my project, or people with whom I would enjoy associating for whatever reason.

Thanks for reading this.

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