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Andras Angyal (Template:Lang-hu, 1902 - 1960) was born in rulal Transylvania (then Hungary), Angyal received his Ph.D. from the University of Vienna in 1927 and his M.D. from the University of Turin in 1932.

He emigrated to the United States in 1932 and became a Rockefeller Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at Yale University. He moved to Worcester State Hospital in Massachusetts as a psychiatrist in the research unit, becoming Director of Research from 1937-1945. From 1945 until his death in 1960 he was in private practice in Boston, MA.

Angyal was known for his holistic view of psychology. The term ‘biosphere’ appears in his work, which for Angyal denoted a holistic entity/single reality, including both the individual and the environment.


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