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The APA Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Applied Research (until 2003 known as the Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Knowledge) is a scientific award presented by the American Psychological Association "given to a psychologist whose research has led to important discoveries or developments in the field of applied psychology."[1]

The 1997 award to John E. Exner raised a controversy, as it was seen as granting a professional endorsement to the Rorschach test, seen by some as pseudoscience.[2][3]

List of recipientsEdit


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  2. Wood, James M.; Lilienfeld, Scott O. (December 1999), "The Rorschach Inkblot Test: A Case of Overstatement?", Assessment 6 (4): 341–351, doi:10.1177/107319119900600405 . This paper is primarily devoted to debunking a claim appearing in Exner's award citation regarding the power of the Rorschach test.
  3. Widiger, Thomas A. (September 2001), "The Best and the Worst of Us?", Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice 8 (3): 374–377, doi:10.1093/clipsy.8.3.374 . This overview of the controversy over Exner and the award states "This award could be understood as a formal endorsement of the Rorschach. One would not provide an award for distinguished contributions to knowledge to Exner if the Rorschach had not provided substantial or significant contributions to knowledge."

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