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  • Kazdin A E 1972, Non-responsiveness of patients to token economies.

Behavior Research and Therapy 10: 417-18

  • Kazdin A E 1973, The failure of some patients to respond to tokenprograms, Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry4:7-14
  • Kazdin A E 1975a, Recent advances in token economy research. In M Hersen, R M Eisler and P Miller (eds), progress in Behavior Modification Vol.. l, New York: Academic Press
  • Kazdin A E 1975h, Behavior Modification in Applied Settings Homewood. Illinois, Dorsey Press
  • Kazdin A E 1977, The Token Economy: A Review and Evaluation New York: Plenum Press
  • Kazdin A E and Bootzin R R 1972, The token economy: An evaluative review, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 5: 343-72

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