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The letters ABC may have a number of meanings in psychology and relateded fields:

In Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy(REBT) the ABC model is used for systematically analysing a clients problems into its cognitive components:

  • A - the activating event
  • B - the mediating evaluative beliefs
  • C - the emotional and behavioral consequences

This is sometimes extended to ABCDE by the addition of

  • D - disputing
  • E - the effect of practising rational thinking

A similar idea lies behind the use of ABC in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). This time the letters stand for

  • A - Antecedent leading up to the occurence of the problem behavior
  • B - the problem behavior itself
  • C - the consequences of performing the behavior

The letters ABC can also stand for ATP-binding cassette transporter genes, one of the largest families of genes

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