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The α2 receptor is a type of adrenergic receptor.


The α2 receptor has several, general, functions in common with other α-receptors, but also has individual effects.


Common (or still unspecified) effects include:


Individual actions of the α2 receptor include:


A G protein - Gi renders adenylate cyclase inactivated, resulting in decrease of cAMP.

The relaxation of gastrointestinal tract motility is by presynaptic inhibition[4], where transmitters inhibit further release by homotropic effects.


adrenaline has higher affinity for the alpha-2 receptor than has noradrenaline, which, in turn, has much higher affinity than has isoprenaline.[4] Other agonists include:

* denotes selective agonists to the receptor.


(Alpha blockers)

* denotes selective agonists to the receptor.


There are three types of α2 receptors: ADRA2A, ADRA2B, ADRA2C.

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